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Training of Employees

What is today a corporate buzzword worldwide has been a way of life at Hytech- Human Resources Management. The company considers its people as the biggest asset. It strives to ensure continuous organizational growth by nurturing the strengths of its employees and providing every individual opportunity to rise to his/her highest potential. Hy-Tech make sure that its HR system has processes and procedures aligned accordingly to enhance those qualities and capabilities. The human resource development effort goes further with activities such as inter-departmental interaction, Multi-Skilling, Multi-disciplinary training, leadership development and quality management lessons. Such vocational training programs for the employees play a crucial part in building bright future prospects for the company.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a process that, continuously and systematically, transfers knowledge from individuals and teams, who generate them, to the brain of the organization for the benefit of the company. The central theme of Knowledge Management is to leverage and reuse knowledge resources already existing in the organization, so that people will seek out best practices rather than reinvent the wheel.

The essence of knowledge management:

  • Capturing, storing, retrieving and distributing tangible Knowledge Assets
  • Gathering, organizing and disseminating intangible knowledge, such as professional know-how and expertise, individual insight and experience & creative solutions
  • Creating an interactive learning environment where people readily transfer and share what they know, internalize it and apply it to create new knowledge

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